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The Power of Affirmative Prayer
for Fast Results

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Marilyn Jenett

Marilyn Jenett

Imagine this ...

William lives in the UK.

One evening he was washed off a seawall and pulled out to sea. He knew that he would die. It was dark, winter, nobody was around and he was freezing to death, with no chance of rescue.

But he was going through "extraordinary, amazing things whilst out there," trying to survive, and against a billion to one odds...

What "extraordinary, amazing things" was William experiencing as he felt there was no chance of rescue? And at the same time, on land, what unbelievable circumstance took place that was responsible for William being alive today to tell us his story? 

William shares his striking story and gives us all the breathtaking details.

Parris says miracles happen in her life when she is "stepping out in faith." How did an anonymous person pay for her daughter's tuition to college – in full

You'll find out how.

Bill died momentarily and had a white light experience during a freak construction accident and was rendered paraplegic. Doctors told him he would never walk again. But he had a profound spiritual experience and he not only defied the odds, he discovered his true self in the process. Bill was discharged after only three months in the hospital.

Bill joins us on the call to share his striking story.

Suzanne was really "down on her luck" from a series of events that left her in a deep depression. Then a woman on the Internet whom she didn't know sent her a check for $1,000 and never asked to be repaid. She says it was a miracle that launched her to where she is today in business.

Suzanne will give us the details.

Sheree's answer to prayer involved her hairdresser – it was merely a client relationship. But one day something seemed 'off' with the hairdresser, who confided to Sheree that her husband suffered from early onset Alzheimer's and had been put in a nursing home. Insurance wouldn't cover the specialized wheelchair he needed that cost $2,500. Sheree found herself saying she would pay for the chair – but she didn't have the money and had her own bills to pay! 

We'll find out how that money came to Sheree in less than a week – and two days after delivering the money to her hairdresser, she received the largest order she ever had in the history of her then 17-year-old business.

Sheree's experience certainly supports the saying that when we pray for someone else, our own prayers will be answered. There is a very solid reason for this and it's related to the prosperity principles I teach in my Feel Free to Prosper® program and that we discuss in the class.

Have I gotten your attention?

This teleclass is about "affirmative," or scientific prayer. You will learn what it is and why it works, when traditional methods of prayer often do not.

This will be a remarkable experience that will expose you to another dimension – a dimension of life where real success, real solutions and real healings occur. It will sweep you away from the superficial, addictive world of effects to the creative, genius world of cause.

During the 1994 Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles, nothing moved in my office or my residence, even though the other tenants in the executive office suite and my residential neighbors had damages. In fact, the back wall in my office was adjacent to the law library in our suite and the entire law library, floor to ceiling, caved in. The highrise building was closed for several days. Yet a UPS package and a pen left on my desks didn't even hit the floor! And my office and home were in different areas of the city. But a famous affirmative prayer had always been taped to the wall above my desk in my office and at home. Coincidence? You decide. But this is the same prayer that was taken along on the first manned Moon landing. Everyone who registers for this teleclass will receive this affirmative prayer.

Affirmative Prayer on the Moon

He carried it to the Moon

Affirmative prayer is not related to religion, although it's used in many religions. It's equally effective for anyone and transcends all belief systems. All you need is an open mind.

Here is What You Will Learn

  • What is affirmative prayer?

  • The difference between affirmative prayer and traditional prayer.

  • Why affirmative prayer works so quickly. In fact, it works more quickly than any other method of creating results – in any area of life and for any circumstance.

  • How we create our laser connection to the source of the answer, solution or healing from affirmative prayer.

  • How this form of prayer is related to universal laws and prosperity principles such as the Feel Free to Prosper teachings.

  • What you must simply do before applying affirmative prayer.

  • The proper way to word your prayer to ensure the greatest results.

  • How to apply affirmative prayer for another person and scientific evidence that it works.

  • A famous affirmative prayer that was taken to the Moon by our astronaut and has been used by millions of people (everyone will receive a copy of this prayer).

  • What is a prayer practitioner and a "spiritual mind treatment?"
  • When and why you would consult a prayer practitioner.
  • Non-denominational, no charge prayer ministries that I have used for decades and highly recommend – and how to find your local prayer practitioners.

My Special Guest!

Licensed Professional Prayer Practitioner

Rafe A. Ellis, RScP

Rafe Ellis

A close friend of Rafe Ellis' once described him as the most complex down-to-earth person she’d ever met. On the other hand, I find his quotes on Facebook pretty uncomplicated: "Since Spirit is everywhere present the glass is ALWAYS full." He says he knows English, Southern slang and hillbilly.

Rafe has a Masters in Business Administration with a Certificate in Organizational Psychology and Development and he's also a Reiki Master Practitioner. In 1998 he met his future wife Debra when they were coworkers at the Drug Abuse Alternatives Center in Santa Rosa, California. As their relationship grew, they began attending the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa.

Rafe has been an active member of the Center since 2004 and after four years of training, was licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living and has since been in private practice as a Licensed Professional Prayer Practitioner. He left a managerial position at a multi-million dollar company to follow his passion and devote himself to spiritual counseling full-time. Rafe's "down-to-earth" approach supports each individual to transform their lives through honest self exploration, the practical application of spiritual principles, and affirmative prayer. 

Rafe is going to help you understand the role of prayer practitioners, who are very specialized spiritual counselors, and you going to learn more about spiritual mind treatments. A few attendees in our teleclass received prayer treatements right on the call. And Rafe conducted a group treatment for us all.

Doesn't sound complex at all.

The Power of Affirmative Prayer
for Fast Results

You Get...

The 3.5-hour recorded teleclass with Marilyn and Rafe and two guests who share their stories. Download the mp3 recording to listen on your computer or mobile device or burn your own CD. 
Two additional guest interviews recorded in advance to tell their stories.
The famous affirmative prayer that was taken along on the first manned Lunar landing in history and used by millions worldwide.
Contact information for renowned non-denominational prayer ministries available 24 hours a day, every day, at no charge.

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My Guarantee

I am confident that you will experiences the benefits of this program. Because of the very low investment for the great value and content of this program, no refunds will be granted. I want you to register for the program only if you are truly ready for change and are willing to apply the teachings.

Marilyn JenettHowever, if you don't find the program to be of great value as promised, let us know within 30 days of your purchase. I'll be happy to give you a full credit toward any other Feel Free to Prosper product or service.



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