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Money Makes the World Go Around!!

Webinar Replay with Marilyn and Dee

Marilyn and Dee

Dee Wallace      Marilyn Jenett


In 2014...

...I was preparing my book, Feel Free to Prosper, for publishing. I asked the Universe to guide me to endorsements from notable experts who had the integrity to read my manuscript. I would accept nothing less than authentic endorsements.

A mutual contact introduced me to Dee. In the early 80s the veteran film and TV actress became one of my favorites when I saw her amazing portrayal of a mother protecting her child from a rabid dog in the Stephen King classic, Cujo. Around the same time, she became everyone's favorite mom in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Today she's still a mom on a TV series. But what is so impressive to me is her very real life role as a spiritual healer, teacher and author – and loving mom.

I was obviously excited when Dee left a voice message. We spoke for awhile and she said if I could deliver a manuscript to her home within two days, she would read it on the plane on her way to filming. I was a stranger to her, but she opened her mind and heart to see what I had to offer. A few weeks later I received her beautiful endorsement for my book.

Two Years Later...

I didn't know until Dee contacted me again in 2016 that she had applied the lesson material in my mannuscript and achieved wonderful results. My book by that time had been released by Penguin Random House and she asked if I would join her for a webinar to share my teachings with her community and let them know about the book. For over two hours we took calls from the audience as I shared my prosperity wisdom and Dee brought messages from 'the channel.' What an exciting and entertaining evening!

Dee has graciously allowed me to offer the replay of our special webinar, “Money Makes the World Go Around!!"

Dee Says...

“This was awesome! The woman who changed my financial life spent two amazing hours with us as we unraveled financial blocks and opened up money flow! Marilyn Jenett is a renowned prosperity mentor who helped direct me to financial expansion. She combines a spiritual and pragmatic approach to manifestation and abundance with techniques that will help you shift dramatically and have “the Universe on speed dial.”

Shortly before our webinar, Dee decided to return to my lesson material again as a refresher – and once again she began experiencing incredible results, which she shared on the webinar. Then about 10 days after our webinar, she called me from the set of a new film that she had manifested to share some very interesting news: For the first time in her 40-year career, she had just been nominated for an Emmy Award.

Was this a result of my lessons?  You be the judge.

Money Makes the World Go Around!!

 Webinar Replay with Marilyn and Dee

Marilyn and Dee's Webinar

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