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For Men and Women

Create the Foundation of a Fit, Healthy Body from Within

Body Prosperity eBook

Body Prosperity for Men and Women

Marilyn Jenett

From Marilyn Jenett
Founder of Feel Free to Prosper

Welcome to Body Prosperity!

Perhaps you already know me as a teacher of Universal laws and prosperity principles, a Penguin Random House author, and the founder of the popular Feel Free to Prosper program.  Since 2003 I have been devoted to sharing my knowledge and experience to teach others to become aligned with these laws and accept their right to prosper.

Years ago I quietly introduced another very special program that addresses a specific kind of prosperity – body prosperity. I created the I Create My Body program to provide the missing link – the still uncommon but most important solution to the seeming never-ending preoccupation we have with our weight and body image. It's true that you men may not be as obsessive about your bodies as we women are, but you do know how important this is to your health and well-being, so of course the program – and this ebook – are for you, too.

This Body Prosperity eBook is a companion to the I Create My Body program. It contains my knowledge and opinions on the topic of body prosperity, the mental and spiritual laws that relate to it, life-changing advice from experts, and some of my favorite practical tips that I know will be of great value to you.

This eBook can stand alone as a storehouse of valuable information. However, it doesn’t contain my proprietary techniques, recorded mentoring session, and the recorded expert interviews that you’ll find in the I Create My Body program. If your weight is an issue, I hope this eBook will inspire you to go full faith ahead with the main program and become your own successful case study for my unique and simple process to lose weight – without dieting.

In the meantime, the elements in this 55-page eBook can truly change – or possibly save – your life. I love sharing the knowledge I have gathered in this area of body prosperity to help you become balanced and happier with your body temple. I believe that to become happier, well-rounded individuals, we must learn to love our bodies – even while they are well rounded.

The Body Prosperity eBook will get you started ...


"Wonderful book. I gain something new from it every time that I read it."

Informative and inspiring, Marilyn provides awareness for those looking for the motivation to become healthy, and encouragement along the path as they gain acceptance and find their authentic self. The connection of mind, body, and spirituality as discussed guides the reader to a new mindset concerning the word “diet."  An evolved mindset that is stronger inside and out.

Much of the information provided on super foods, sugars, and artificial sweeteners I had never heard, or really understood the wonderful benefits. I also appreciated the great, “tip of the day," as a reminder of how I could continue to instill positive change and improvement for a better me. In fact, the book is full of clever and helpful suggestions that lead the reader to embrace a healthier path one step at a time. 

However, what I gained most from the book was not just facts, but an enlightened attitude. An attitude that is more beneficial as I make choices for my body, and more aware of how the choices I make affect the new me. Wonderful book. I gain something new from it every time that I read it.

Layla Lair

Yahoo! Contributor Network Source / Associated Content

Table of Contents

The Chapters...

  • Introduction

  • Is It Time We Made Peace With Our Bodies?

  • Falling In Love With Our Bodies

  • Exercise - Not Just for Weight

  • Attractiveness

  • The Mindset of Being a "Dieter"

  • Cosmic Relief - Healing Through Mental and Spiritual Law

  • Why "Weight" For a Better Body?

  • Faster Than a Speeding Microbe - It's Superfoods!

  • Pasta Paradise (20 calories vs .200!)

  • Safe Sweeteners - the Good, the Maybe and the Wonderful

  • Eureka! How Sweet It Is!

  • Loving Chocolate

  • Bless It and Praise It - Chew on This

And more ...

You'll also find Marilyn's valuable Tip of the Day following each chapter as well as an important I Create My Body Expert Tip from Marilyn's interviews with several expert guests.

Just a Few of the Many Things You'll Learn... 

  • Mental and spiritual principles that can guide you to your health and body solutions and those of your loved ones.
  • The medical condition that's commonly misdiagnosed but easily corrected, that keeps millions of people from losing weight, no matter how much they diet or exercise. 
  • The exercise that can alleviate depression - in just 90 minutes a week.
  • A specific affirmation that can increase your youth, beauty or attractiveness.
  • An acclaimed oncologist who cured hundreds of cases of terminally ill patients with "Pac Men."

  • How your favorite 'pet' expressions can cause physical bodily conditions.
  • The substance we lose in our digestive system after age 40 that can lead to a serious vitamin deficiency and the amazingly simple solution.

  • A few simple food items eaten regularly that decrease major types of "C" by up to 90%!

  • How our body perceptions and those of our children are harmfully influenced by the media, Hollywood, Madison Avenue and fashion industries, and what we can do about it.
  • The simple lab test for a very important supplement we need and the ideal test result.
  • Wholesome sweeteners on the market that many people do not know about yet (no artificial ingredients or chemicals).


"...it seems so common sense and natural that you wonder why you didn't do this before"

Is it time we made peace with our bodies? asks Marilyn Jenett, author of Body Prosperity for Men and Women. Marilyn, a former business entrepreneur who used prosperity laws to transform herself and create success, is now a renowned prosperity mentor who is helping others do the same. She is the creator of the popular  Feel Free to Prosper program and book, and the I Create My Body program. In her ebook, Body Prosperity for Men and Women, Marilyn has created a unique and inspiring book where you are challenged to become your own "case study" for health and fitness transformation. The process Marilyn describes in a straightforward and understandable way is not about dieting, but rather about getting control of your health and body by focusing on universal laws (which she also refers to as mental and spiritual laws).

Obesity and poor health is rampant in the industrialized world today, and Marilyn tells of coming from a family that suffered from obesity and poor body image. Marilyn defied her family genetics and transformed her personal and business life applying universal laws and then realized these same laws could be applied to health, fitness and weight loss. While weight loss and fitness are certainly an outcome you can achieve by following the program outlined in this book, the book is really about health and about healthy self-love. Marilyn's take is that body prosperity is just as important as other kinds of prosperity, and that health is the foundation for success in all other aspects of a person's life.

Body Prosperity for Men and Women is really an insight into how you can shift your consciousness and change the way you approach health and body image. One great chapter in the book explains how to get beyond the mindset of a dieter. This shift, from thinking and behaving and defining yourself as a "dieter," was the part of the book that resonated with me the most. By applying Marilyn's principles and reading her daily tips, I was able to change my thinking and to accept the image of myself as a fit and healthy person at an ideal weight. For me, that was the moment when all of the things I'd hoped to achieve began to come together and to actually happen in my daily life. When you start to define yourself differently, to really grasp the positive vision of who you are meant to be, all the fad diets and programs you desperately tried in the past just look silly or even dangerous. For those who do have weight issues, she encourages the reader to take the next step with her I Create My Body program.

Are Marilyn's principles complicated and hard to apply? Absolutely not. In fact, after you read her explanations and examples it seems so common sense and natural that you wonder why you didn't do this before. In my own case, perhaps I just wasn't ready...or maybe I just needed someone to simply explain how my image of myself and my concept of health had to change before physical changes would manifest. When I finally sat down and read this book and really committed myself to following the ideas and principles Marilyn explained, I finally "got it" and I was on the road to becoming the healthy, fit person I wanted to be.


Lynn Cole
Writer and Web Publisher

"It's something bigger than that, something that will move you to be healthy and whole... "

Body Prosperity
is a surprising book from the outset. In it, author Marilyn Jenett does not attempt to sell you a diet plan, a home gym, a workout DVD or anything of the sort. The book focuses not on a precarious diet plan or a list of thou shalt nots, but on a total overhaul of the way you think about your body in the first place. By removing your body from the idea that it's your enemy, you can reclaim control you've given away to any number of external forces.

The problems of self-image in our modern world undoubtedly have more impact on women than on men, but men are absolutely affected by the onslaught of hard bodied, tall, rugged, handsome, fearless, intelligent, funny, sensitive alpha males and also constantly weigh themselves up against those standards. We're just taught not to show it. Too skinny, too fat, too short or whatever, and you get to be the figure of fun, but rarely the leading man.

Marilyn definitely takes the extra care needed for women - after all, even the funny looking guys in the movies always go for the thin, beautiful girl, right? - but she doesn't exclude men in this or any of her materials. We do the same half-hearted diet and exercise stuff, just less likely to drag it out in front of anybody else unless we've somehow tapped into our inner super athlete and then you will never hear the end of it.

But don't think this is all about weight loss. It's something bigger than that, something that will move you to be healthy and whole, not via diets and tape measures, but using your own clever mind and your own instincts. That's the single best thing about this book, and about Marilyn in general. She will gently nudge you in the right direction until you are REMINDED how great you really are. She reawakens what's been crushed under the boot heels of modern media and the products-over-people approach.

At the selling price, this book is a steal, even just for the exercise and food-buying tips, and it's more than enough to give you the 'aha!' moment you need to kickstart your life free of the niggling voices that keep you down. If you want more of Marilyn's wisdom and support, she makes it available for you, but either way, isn't a few bucks worth digging into really become yourself again?

Johnny Blackchurch


"...will ignite the flame inside of us all that sometimes remains unlit."

Body Prosperity will ignite the flame inside of us all that sometimes remains unlit. Forget about all of the strenuous workouts, expensive equipment, and advanced training regimes. If you have tried them all, you have noticed that something is missing. That missing factor is just what author Marilyn Jenett is providing in this new and innovative ebook. The book will change the way you think and feel about your body which will show on the outside. You would be surprised how many negative and destructive thoughts run through your mind on a daily basis, which negatively impact your body. You will learn how to eliminate these ideas which have been holding you back from achieving your goals. Another plus is that this ebook is not gender specific. Men and women can apply this knowledge and reap the rewards of the author's teachings.

If you are looking for a one of those cruel diets or long and painful workouts, this book is not for you. This is not one of those books filled with fluff or things that you will find undoable. You will be able to start taking control of how you look and feel immediately. This book will not only affect your body, it will affect every area of your life that you feel you need improvement in.

One thing I really like about this book is the section on one particular food that gets a bad rap. This food that she mentions actually has many positive benefits including the release of endorphins which are our body’s natural painkillers. Marilyn also informs us of the “safe” sweeteners which taste great without the harmful side effects of artificial sweeteners. Even the information on the Super foods is invaluable! These Super foods have saved the lives of many patients and have completely eliminated diseases.

Overall Body Prosperity is fantastic and worth far more than the low price that Marilyn Jenett is pretty much giving this ebook away for!

Steven Burnett   

IT Technician
New York

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Body Prosperity eBook

Body Prosperity for Men and Women

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My Guarantee

I am confident that you will experience the benefits of this eBook. Because of the very low investment for the great value and content, and because this is a completely digital product, no refunds will be granted.

Marilyn JenettHowever, if you don't find the ebook to be of great value as promised, let us know within 30 days of your purchase. I'll be happy to give you a full credit toward any other Feel Free to Prosper product or service.




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