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Self Improvement: Divine Protection

Trust in the Law but Tie Up Your Camel 

by Marilyn Jenett

Marilyn Jenett

Did you ever hear the quote, "Trust in Allah But Tie Up Your Camel?" I like my own paraphrased version: "Trust in the Law but Tie Up Your Camel."
This is one of my favorite quotes. It originates from an old Arabic proverb. Below is one of many versions of the story.
Back in 7th Century Mecca, you would have loved to own a camel. You see, camels are wonderful creatures, perfect for desert travelling. If you didn't breed them, you'd have probably paid quite a bit of money for them.
One day a man ran up to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and said "O Prophet, I'm a good Muslim. I do everything required of me by God and then some." The prophet praised the man for his fastidiousness and piety.
The man continued, "Well, O Prophet, I do all this and I trust fully in God. When I went to the market today, I recited a prayer and asked God to please look after my camel while I shopped. I left the camel there and went to shop. When I returned, the camel was gone! Why didn't God keep my camel safe?"
The Prophet chuckled and replied "Brother, it is good that you trust in God...but always tie up your camel!"
The moral of the story is: Faith is great, but at least take basic precautions, or "God helps those who help themselves."
Trust in the Law but Tie Up Your Camel...
This means that even if we have a deep-seated faith in a Higher Power, we must also do our part and assume responsibility for our lives and circumstances. While our spirits our nurtured by our faith in divine protection, we must be open and receptive to the earthly guidance it produces while remaining grounded in good old common sense (I wonder just how common that is these days!).

We can assume that the ideas and options that are available to us to tie up our camels are provided to us by the Creative Intelligence to protect us. For example:
Most of us don't anticipate illness or accidents, but we still do our best to have health insurance coverage.
We don't expect a mishap on the road, but we still buy auto insurance. Yes, it's required by law, but wouldn't we buy it even if it were not mandatory?
We may live in a wonderfully safe neighborhood, but we lock our doors and secure our windows when we leave. We have home and car alarms.
When it comes to our physical and mental health, more and more people are tying up their camels with proper nutrition and supplements, the right exercise, eliminating harmful habits like smoking.
You're getting the idea.
I was happy to hear from a Feel Free to Prosper student in Raleigh, NC. She copied the prayer for protection that I shared in my entrepreneurial memoir and her home was completely saved from the devastating tornadoes that hit that area. Homes two miles away from her were leveled. Divine protection! But her home was well insured at the same time.
Another new student told me about a past experience which resulted in a pricey lesson. She has worked at the Sheriff's department in her city for decades. She trusted the environment and her associates. She often left her handbag under her desk when she left for a few minutes. One day she placed the bag there as usual, but that day her handbag contained an envelope with a large amount of cash that she planned to deposit later in the bank. When she returned to her desk, the handbag was there but the envelope and money were gone. She learned a good lesson about tying up her camel. But more importantly, in my opinion, the prosperity laws she is now applying will develop her intuitive guidance system that will protect her in the future.
When you tie up your camel, the greatest benefits are peace of mind, protection and guidance at a subconscious level. It also alleviates a great deal of unnecessary concern about unexpected setbacks or emergencies.
But now I'd like to discuss tying up our camels on a mental and spiritual level...
If you are reading this article, you probably have a belief in a Higher Power that you may refer to as God, Universe, Infinite Intelligence, etc. Or maybe you think of that presence as Universal Mind, Source Energy or the Creative Force. In other words, you believe we are 'plugged into' something greater than ourselves.
Although you believe that the Power exists, it's also important that you tie up your mental and spiritual camel with knowledge, wisdom and practice so that you can become aligned with that power source. Only through the operation of the prosperity laws in your life can you  become aligned with the Intelligence that can guide you to peace, harmony, right relationships, bodily wealth and financial health  – or  – bodily health and financial wealth.  
Faith and trust in your spiritual source is the highest result that spiritual teachings can produce. That's the ultimate goal of my own teachings and what I want my students to aspire to and attain.

The way to cultivate that faith and trust is by learning and applying the laws of mind and spirit. We need to deal with the mind and its resistance. The "nuts and bolts" are the mechanics that are needed to overcome our mental resistance and create new dominant thoughts so that we can open our pipeline to our universal parent.
The Feel Free to Prosper program teaches you to apply the prosperity laws in the simplest way.

Think of the Feel Free to Prosper lessons as the "rope" to tie up your camel.



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© Copyright 2011 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
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Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper® program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information and her free gift, visit www.FeelFreetoProsper.com.

The book based on her teachings, Feel Free to Prosper - Two Weeks to Unexpected Income With the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available, is published by Penguin Random House, the world's largest publisher, and is available worldwide at major booksellers, www.feelfreetoprosperbook.com 

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