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Articles - Money: Manifesting

Should We Really Love Money?

by Marilyn Jenett

Marilyn Jenett

Ahhh...love is in the air!  It's almost Valentine's Day here in the U.S. and it's romantic, whimsical, and...yep, commercial. Lots of money spent to display our affections. But do we ever think of showing our affection for money itself?

Loving Money? 

Let's start out with the words we don't want to say and hear... but they may hit home and cause you to take stock...
•  Do you criticize money in thought and speech?  
•  Do you speak negatively of your bank balance or business income?
•  Have you thought of money as a "necessary evil," "the root of all evil," "filthy lucre?"
•  How do you feel when others have more money than you do?
Well, now is a good time to take stock of these patterns and understand once and for all, that any of these ideas will certainly prevent the flow of prosperity  and specifically money  to you.
Dr. Joseph Murphy, one of the most influencial mystics of our time, taught that if you criticize money, it will fly away from you.

Why Is This So?

Remember that what we focus on we attract. If you focus on not having enough money, you will continue to not have enough money. If you envy someone else's money, you are really telling your subconscious that you don't have any. Your mind accepts the same message if you live in a state of fear about money or give money a negative connotation. Remember, spiritual substance responds to our words and thoughts. Money has no more negative attribute than gold, silver, wheat, sheep or any other form of value exchange ever used.
Are you a gardener? Do you believe that when you love your plants, you nurture them and they are happier and healthier plants? How about your children? What happens when you love them and nurture them?
Is there anything you can think of in your life that does not grow and prosper when showered with love and blessing and praise? If you love your body, it will respond with health and vitality. If you love your work or your business, it will grow and prosper. Well, you can also love money right into your life.
We must heed Dr. Murphy's words. We must learn to love money and stop criticizing it. That means to love your checkbook, your bank accounts, your online statements 
everything associated with money. Love money and you will attract it. Anything that you love, praise and bless will grow and prosper  be it human, animate or inanimate. Spiritual substance responds to our blessings and love.
Think of the larger vision. Aren't you learning to literally embrace your prosperity?

Money Heart

Lighten Up!

It's important to lighten up and have fun with money too. The more fun you have with prosperity, the faster it will rush to you.
One student feared looking in her checkbook. I asked her to think of her checkbook with human characteristics and feelings 
a feeling, animated object that didn't want to be rejected and feared. It wanted love and appreciation. We laughed picturing her checkbook wanting hugs. She released her fear of looking in her checkbook. She was well on her way to attracting money so that there would be even more in her checkbook to love.
Another student visualized checks jumping and running "with glee" into his pockets. This was an Internet businessman who used his quirky sense of humor consistently with the Feel Free to Prosper lessons to attract money. He even entertained us by singing his affirmations to the tunes of famous nursery rhymes like Pop Goes the Weasel and Frère Jacques. It worked! His sales kept increasing. If you are a student of my Feel Free to Prosper Audio Program, then you certainly know Glenn.
In the Feel Free to Prosper program, I include the mp3 and the printout of the Prosperity Boot Camp Drills that everyone recited together, military style. The drills are effective because the subconscious mind responds to rhyme and rhythm. We "sounded off" together in perfectly uncoordinated fashion, but the fun and laughter it created was priceless. Learning to lighten up and have fun with prosperity to replace a somber attitude will speed your results.

Do these methods feel silly? Will you feel silly loving money? Maybe. Why not? I say, feel silly all the way to the bank!
Love money and have fun with it 
have fun earning it, attracting it, even winning it. The more fun you can have with prosperity, the more you will attract.

In summary...
Yes, you can love money 
pure spiritual substance in the form of money. We have discussed what happens if you don't love money. If you criticize money, you will repel it. If you buy into some antiquated belief that it is the root of evil or filthy, you will repel it. If you envy someone else's money, you will repel it. If you are afraid to go to your checkbook or bank account to see the balance, you will repel it. If you are in a constant state of worry or fear about money, you will repel it.
Isn't it time that you become a magnet for money and prosperity? Isn't it time for you to learn to love money?
How about starting now?


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© Copyright 2012 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
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Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information, visit www.FeelFreetoProsper.com.

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