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Business: Marketing

 Metaphysical Marketing 

by Marilyn Jenett

Metaphysical Marketing

Marilyn's Business of Two Decades

Let's explore the use of prosperity principles in our business or profession and discuss the foundation and the underlying causes of success. All of the know-how and marketing skills in the world will not result in success unless you first create that foundation. You can start creating here.

The foundation of success is in your mind. You do not need to struggle, seek and strive to build your business. You can use mental and spiritual laws to create and attract all the elements that insure success. Wouldn't you love to set your business on "automatic pilot" and enjoy the ride?

The Law of Reversed Effort

The application of prosperity principles in business allows us to become aligned with these spiritual laws to learn how to "receive" success instead of "trying" to make it happen.

Did you know there is a law called the Law of Reversed Effort? It states that the harder you "try" to do something, the less chance you have of achieving it. Trying implies a negative, it suggests to the mind that you may not accomplish. Even Yoda in Star Wars recognized this truth when he wisely said, "We do. There is no try."

Practical Metaphysics

My teachings are based on what I call "practical metaphysics."

First, what do we mean by "metaphysical?" Well, "meta" as used as a prefix in metaphysical, means "comprehensive" or "transcending." Metaphysical is relating to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses. In other words, a study of what is outside objective experience. This includes aspects of the mind and spirit.

My definition of practical metaphysics is the study and application of these transcendent principles from methods that appeal to our "real world" senses, techniques that we can understand and utilize with ease - in other words, a simple approach that assures our practical application of these profound laws. We take the mystery and speculation out of these principles and instead concentrate on putting them to use - a nuts and bolts approach.

I believe that there are a great number of people who have read and studied and are well informed about spiritual matters and metaphysical laws but who have not been able to take these ideas from their intellect and incorporate them mental and emotionally to put them into practice.

The Universe Is My Marketing Department

Now, this study in no way discounts the marketing techniques and tools taught by the visible world's marketing experts. What I am doing here is helping you lay the foundation for a mindset that will allow you to use those tools if you so choose, and succeed with them. The fact is that all of the marketing and business know-how in the world will not result in your success unless you first have the mindset to succeed. A house cannot stand without a proper foundation. And once you create that foundation, you will automatically be guided to the appropriate methods and means that will result in your success. You will find as I did that the Universe is truly the greatest marketing department you could ever hope for, and the possibilities are unlimited. You can experience the guidance of an unseen hand, know what it feels like to live a charmed life, and realize that you have an invisible means of support.

How do I know so much about succeeding through a metaphysical approach? On the Feel Free to Prosper website in the section entitled Your Mentor, you will see full-color accomplishments from my use of these laws - fruits of my metaphysical labors - and in the section, Amazing, you can review a few short stories of how I created some amazing successes using these principles in my special event business over a 20-year span.

If you really want the detailed scoop, you will find it in my memoir, Feel Free to Prosper: an Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance, still free to read in it's original online version until the book release. It's made social networking history with over 34,000 views. I promise you will be inspired and will never look at your business - or your life - in the same way again.

Most of my event clients were the world's largest corporations. Now here is a secret that you may find hard to believe. When I reveal this fact, people say, "Of course, you don't mean this literally." Ah, but yes, I do mean this literally: During those 20 years, I never looked for a client. The clients always found me. I never advertised, marketed, cold called or networked. And yet my tiny one-woman operation attracted these large corporate clients. Doors opened spontaneously for the right exposure, the right opportunities and the right clients. You have to admit that something uncommon must have been involved - and that something was an uncommon state of consciousness.

This also applied to my new life and evolution as a prosperity teacher. When I began teaching the Feel Free to Prosper program, I had no idea how I would attract students or create a reputation. Once again, I took this to my Universal marketing department, applied the prosperity "homework" and trusted that the doors would open. I also listened and waited for guidance. The doors opened. I had no previous experience interacting on the Internet and had never heard of social networking or social media when a complete stranger invited me to join an online networking site called Ryze.com in late 2003. I had learned to use a computer only a short time before. I participated in discussions and shared my wisdom on several networks and created my own Feel Free to Prosper Network, which soon became the platform and launching pad for the prosperity program that would attract attention from around the globe.

In 2006, I felt inspired to write my entrepreneurial memoir on my network - the story was intended for my members. But it soon attracted an agent, tens of thousands of readers, and ultimately resulted in publishing offers. I had no intention of writing a book. All of the elements flowed together as if I were under the jurisdiction of a divine destiny. I am convinced that each of us has a particular destiny to fulfill but we need to become aligned with the greater Intelligence that can guide us there.

Nothing Personal

It doesn't matter if you are a company owner, business executive, entrepreneur, professional, working mom, jobseeker, network marketer, sales agent, coach or creative talent, or even in transition looking for your true place in life. It doesn't matter what your age, background, experience or station in life is. The laws are impersonal and will work for everyone.

Here is why you should learn and apply prosperity principles:

To uplift and raise your awareness to a level of consciousness that empowers and connects you to the Universal source from which ALL good flows.

■ To apply this awareness specifically to the marketing and success of your business or career as you become an open channel through which clients and financial prosperity will flow easily to you .

■ To come to the absolute realization that you are not alone and that you have all the creative power of the Universe ready to inspire you and guide you to success if you will only recognize and acknowledge it.
■ To become attuned to your Universal marketing department that will inspire you and prompt you to do exactly what you need to do. 
■ To prosper you in all areas of your life, not only financially, but also in health, love, relationships, and creatively and spiritually

Okay, Let's Have Some Nuts and Bolts

1.  Watch Your Speech

The above can be accomplished only through the use of positive and life-affirming language. Do not doubt it for a minute. The words you think, speak (and hear) are recorded in your subconscious mind and will produce circumstances that correspond to your thoughts and speech. If you want a successful business or career, you MUST resist the habit and temptation of speaking about the lack of business or clients or jobs. I tell my students, "If you don't want it, don't say it." Even if you feel like you are lying to yourself (or others), continue to speak in positive terms about your business and affairs. As you persist in speaking successful words, your subconscious will accept the new ideas and you will discover that the "lies" are becoming a new and very tangible reality. But it always first begins in mind. Never forget this.

2.  Start Listening

As you develop positive thought and speech patterns, you will begin to clear the debris and static in your subconscious that has prevented you from tuning in and listening to your intuitive promptings. Practice paying attention now to those promptings, the hunches, the feelings, the "still small voice" that subtly urges you to do something. As you practice listening and following through on these hunches and the more you discover that they lead to successful results, the more consistent and the stronger they will become. You will have truly discovered your "invisible means of support."

On my website, there are specific examples of how listening to my inner guidance brought successful results to my business. Again, in the section entitled Amazing, review “The Universe - My Marketing Department" and “The Universe - My Talent Agency."

3.  Attitude of Gratitude

You have heard that over and over again, haven't you? But do you live it? Well, start now. The "attitude of gratitude" is one of the greatest - perhaps THE greatest - spiritual principle that can be applied to attain happiness, inner peace, health and financial prosperity. But there is an aspect of gratitude that most people do not know about. It is easy to be grateful for what you already have. But can you be grateful for what you don't yet see?

Start giving thanks NOW for your new clients, your increased business and income, your new job, and inspired new ideas. I promise if you will maintain your state of gratitude, they will come, and often at a speed that will astound you. Give thanks now for the Universal guidance that led you this article that contains truly life-changing elements.

4.  Your Business or Job Is NOT Your Source of Income

I'll bet you’ll read that again. But that's right. Your business is not your source of income. Your clients are not your source of income. Your job is not your source of income. Even your savings or investments are not your source of income.

There is only one source of income. That source is The Source - that Universal intelligence that you may refer to as Universe, God, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Mind, Spirit, All That Is, The Field of All Possibilities. All of those other avenues are "channels" of income, but they are not the source. Think of it this way. If your kitchen faucet was broken and prevented you from getting water, would that mean there was no more water? Of course not. You could find water at in your bathroom or from any number of other faucets. So you see, the kitchen faucet is not the source of water; it is only one of innumerable channels.

As soon as you learn to align yourself with, rely on and trust The Source for your income (and clients and jobs and every other good thing you could possibly desire), then all of the channels will be opened for you to receive your good. How many channels? Limitless channels. There are thousands and thousands of channels through which your good can come to you. It is not your job to know them. It is your job to trust your Source and as you do, both expected and unexpected channels will open and clients and jobs and ideas will increasingly come to you "out of the blue." So release all ideas that your income and business must be derived from only one particular channel.

Marilyn Jenett, from the upcoming book, Feel Free to Prosper: Two Weeks to
Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available, Penguin Random House


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Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information, visit www.FeelFreetoProsper.com.



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