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Business: Marketing

 Mental vs. Physical Activity in Marketing 

by Marilyn Jenett

Mental vs. Physical Activity in Marketing

Marilyn's Former Business of Two Decades

Let's further explore that fascinating issue about whether one can attract or magnetize circumstances without taking "action." My intention is to create a better understanding in your mind about the use of mental and spiritual laws for success and the relationship between mental and physical action in your work.

Let's Get Mental

Yes, indeed, marketing your business is an activity. But that does not mean that the activity is necessarily "physical."

Mental activity is thousands of times more potent than physical activity. In fact, mental activity is the precursor to the right physical activity that gets results. However, physical activity is not necessarily required if you understand and apply the right kind of mental activity. It is not magic. It is law. I have always said that what we think of as "supernatural" is really quite natural once you understand the laws.

You'll realize that the Universe is indeed magnetic and thought and feeling have more vibratory pull than any magnet you could imagine.

So I think it behooves anyone who wants to be successful to become aware of the relationship of mental and physical activity and know when either is indicated. There is the right mental activity, which can itself attract results without the need for physical activity and there is also the right mental activity that inspires the corresponding physical action that produces results. If the right mental activity is not included, then one will end up like the majority of the population — doing and doing, acting and acting but not succeeding.

Now, by presenting this principle to you, I am not suggesting that you spend all of your time sitting around and doing nothing. I won't address that further because I believe you'll understand the distinction of what I'm teaching you.

However, that being said, the absolute truth is… yes, we can attract circumstances to us without taking physical action. When you understand fully that thoughts are things and all physical things are in motion and vibrating at the molecular level, you will understand that it is indeed a magnetic Universe and we can vibrate to our good and it can vibrate to us. I know that without knowledge in this area, it may appear fantastic, but by explaining this in the simplest terms possible, I hope to create understanding and acceptance in your mind.

How Do I Know?

As mentioned earlier, throughout my 20 years as a business owner, I never looked for a client — and my clients were substantial corporations. I never advertised or actively promoted. And yet I became renowned in my field and received all the exposure and publicity I could possibly want — not as a result of anything I did physically, but as a result of the mental activity I learned to do. The physical action came after I attracted the clients and the opportunities. It was then that I worked to fulfill the creative vision of the clients' projects and I attracted all of the ideas and elements necessary to do the perfect job. But it was easy. It flowed. I finally learned that I didn't have to struggle or push or try or waste energy to get the job done. For the most part, the right answers truly came "out of the blue" when I was open to receive.

But the actual marketing of my business — it was always receptive, never active, except when prompted from within to walk through the doors that opened as a result of the mental activity.

I attracted national, even global publicity, with no resources or contacts in that area. I don't think I knew what a press release was! Yet, I manifested major publicity that continued for years with no work on my part. Physical work, that is. The work was done on a mental level.

Right Action

Also Known As "Cruise Control"

So when you apply these laws, whether from a purely mental standpoint, or spiritual basis, you are guided to the actions that are necessary because the law must produce what you have mentally accepted. You are no longer spinning your wheels — you are now on an automatic path to your results and to your success.

You use the prosperity teachings to establish — impregnate — the thought and feeling of what you want in your deeper mind. You are then intuitively guided to do all of the things necessary for the result. You follow the leads. You do the outer work that you are guided to do. You also attract all of the things necessary for the result. The result may indeed come without outer physical action on your part or it may require action, but the right action will be shown to you. You're in the flow.

There is a sense of connection to a source of wisdom that knows all the answers and you can tap into that source any time you want. You will know when to be still and do the mental work and wait, and when to take outer action that results in your success.

The alternative? You work and work and struggle and struggle and don't get anywhere. And wonder why you don't succeed.

So…to pooh-pooh the idea of attracting and magnetizing your good — even from "out of the blue" — whether in your personal life or your business, just reveals a lack of awareness and a mind that is not open to the infinite possibilities that surround us. It indicates a mentality that is not up with the times or open and receptive to the great discoveries of our time that can further our success.

My point: You can close your mind and limit your ability to succeed. Or you can open your mind, expand your vision to include both the physical/active world and the mental/magnetic world and....be really successful!

Marilyn Jenett, from the upcoming book, Feel Free to Prosper: Two Weeks to
Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available,
Penguin Random House


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Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information, visit www.FeelFreetoProsper.com.



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