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Articles: Manifesting

My "Law of Satisfaction" and Why It Works
Faster Than the Law of Attraction

by Marilyn Jenett


I created a new universal law. Well, actually I know the Universe created it and just decided that I would be the one to teach it. And here's how it goes...

I believe that when most people address the Law of Attraction, they do so with the belief that they don't have what they want - that they want to attract it. If we desire something, if we want something, if we want to attract something, what is the message that we are giving to our subconscious mind? Let's find out...

There is only one reason you do not have what you want. You do not have what you want because your consciousness is filled with the thought of not having what you want. As long as the thought of not having remains in your mind, you will continue to not have. So if you accept this premise, then the way to have what you want is to change your consciousness to the thought of having what you want.

The reason you have not had the prosperity you desire is because there is faulty subconscious conditioning. Somewhere along the way you have accepted as fact the idea that you are not prosperous. And everything that happens seems to support that fact and prove that you are right, doesn't it?  Well, the fact is that everything that happens in your outer world is mirroring to you exactly what you have accepted in your subconscious mind. Those circumstances are reflecting back to you what you believe at this moment.

Now this is the harsh reality: As long as you continue to believe the same fact in the present moment, conditions will remain exactly the same, you will continue to have the same experiences. You are on automatic pilot. You feel helpless. (Do I sense someone nodding in agreement?)

The techniques that I teach help you to create a subconscious acceptance of your prosperity. When you have accepted the fact that you are prosperous, money will come to you as naturally as the sun rises. Struggle will cease to exist and avenues for prosperity will open to you effortlessly.

Note that I said are prosperous, not will be prosperous. That's right. I said when you have accepted the fact that you are prosperous. Now. This moment. Until you feel that you are prosperous and have money now, in this very moment, you cannot be prosperous.  Repeat...until you feel that you are prosperous and have money now, in this very moment, you cannot be prosperous. That's the law. I didn't create it. That's just the way it is. 

The subconscious mind will create for us and attract to us those circumstances that it accepts to be true in the present moment. Our job is to condition our subconscious mind to accept what we want as an existing reality. I want you to think about this very carefully: Tomorrow never comes. It is always the present moment or now in consciousness. When what we call later or tomorrow arrives, it will actually still be the present moment. It is always NOW. And what we are thinking and feeling NOW is what determines our future.

Your acceptance of your desire in the now moment is your bridge that will take you from your present outer reality to that desire. Words and affirmations are a great means to condition the subconscious mind to eliminate negative patterns and prepare for this advanced work, but I believe that one moment of acceptance of your desire, one moment filled with the reality of your answered prayer, is more powerful than a thousand affirmations stated without the corresponding feeling. That is because when we bring our feeling nature into play, we are imprinting directly on the subconscious and linking ourselves to the creative forces of the Universe. It's like imprinting an image directly onto photographic film. Words and affirmations have their own important role but they also help us to eliminate the mental debris so that we can access the film and produce an untarnished image.

I haven't used the term "visualize" because this lesson is not so much about methods of visualization. It is more specifically about feeling the desired result in the present moment. In fact, a percentage of people are not able to visualize in pictures. That's okay because all that is necessary to produce a result is to create the feeling you would have were your dream realized and feel that feeling in the present moment. One great teacher said to ask yourself, "How would I feel right now if my dream were realized?" My great teacher Dr. Joseph Murphy said, "Feel the joy of the answered prayer." Did you ever think about something you wanted and suddenly you would burst out smiling. That's the joy of the answered prayer.

I call it The Law of Satisfaction. Create the feeling of satisfaction of already having what you want and it will speed its way to you. The purpose of my teachings is to help you reach that feeling. I dedicate this law to the words of St. Augustine:

Faith is to believe what you do not see
and the reward of that faith is to see what you believe.
St. Augustine



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Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information and to download Marilyn's free 42-page eBook, visit www.FeelFreetoProsper.com.

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