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YOUR Declaration of Independence

by Marilyn Jenett

Independence Day

My Favorite Fourth of July Photo

Today, the Fourth of July, Americans are celebrating our most patriotic holiday - Independence Day. The Declaration of Independence drafted by our forefathers announced our freedom from tyrannical rule to become the United States. It also granted us equality and assured every individual the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - including the freedom to prosper.

Early patriots understood the connection between freedom and financial prosperity. And today, countless immigrants arrive on our shores to flee oppressive governments for the chance to pursue a more prosperous life.

But I wonder how many of us understand the vitally important freedom that is self-endowed - the freedom borne of mind and spirit that frees us from lack and limitation and releases our ability to attract financial abundance and security.

On this holiday representing our collective freedoms, no matter where you reside on our planet, while Americans are enjoying gatherings with family and friends, picnics, barbeques, parades and fireworks, I encourage everyone to draft your own personal "Declaration of Independence" by considering the following questions:

1. Do I feel equal in value, potential and ability to my brothers and sisters? Or do I allow low self-esteem and "error thinking" to keep me from my freedom to express my talents and abilities?
2. Do I believe that the pursuit of happiness is my divine right and therefore open my mind and heart to receive the gifts of life and the Creator?
3. Do I take the liberty of stepping out in faith, trusting in life to support me, knowing that I can never be alienated from the Universal source of supply and knowing that Life will meet me on my terms if I freely and boldly take action?
4. Do I overcome the tyranny of negative thinking and past conditioning, which taints the colors of my present existence and keeps me from experiencing the valor and bravery, purity and innocence, and vigilance and perseverance - the actual traits symbolized by the red, white and blue of the American flag?
5. Do I consider the unlimited abundance of the Universe as symbolized in our flag by the stars, considered a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which humans have aspired from time immemorial, and the stripes, symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun? Do I open my mind to receive my share of this vast abundance and allow myself to be nurtured by the Divine Light?
At this midpoint in 2014, we can make the Fourth of July a transformative Independence Day or continue to limit our concepts of freedom to an extra day off from work and hot dogs. Which will you choose?

~ Marilyn

Photo of Eagle and American Flag by Pam Roth, www.creatingonline.com

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