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This Psychic's Uncanny Predictions for Me
Came True on the 4th of July

by Marilyn Jenett


This is a true story. It happened to me on Independence Day a long time ago. I hope you find this true July 4th holiday tale fascinating...
Many years ago, there was an organization here called the Beverly Hills Society for Psychical Research. I had a growing interest in matters of the mind and spirit, including parapsychology and psychic phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition. I was also expressing quite a bit of psychic ability myself at the time and wanted to explore it more.
I was already familiar with the famous experiments of Dr. J. B. Rhine, called the "Father of Modern Parapsychology," and his wife, Dr. Louisa Rhine, who headed the Rhine Research Center for parapsychological studies at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. It was Dr. Rhine who created the term "ESP" (extrasensory perception) to describe the ability of some people to acquire information without the use of the five senses. He also coined the term "parapsychology" to distinguish it from mainstream psychology.
At the Society for Psychical Research, I had heard about a very talented psychic medium in Los Angeles named Dorothy Vallas. I contacted her agent and booked an appointment for a 'reading' at her home.
For these readings, Dorothy would be seated, turn on her tape recorder, take deep breaths, go into a trance with her eyes closed, and begin to speak. I recall that she always stroked her legs and knees in a circular motion while in trance - I thought perhaps this was a "grounding" technique that would enhance her receptivity and sensitivity to the information she was receiving. (At the end of this article, I will tell you about the movie narrated by actor Raymond Burr, where you can see Dorothy in action while in trance.)
This first appointment I had with Dorothy was around March of that year. She was a very pleasant woman and her apartment in West Hollywood was very comfortable. She turned on the tape recorder, went into trance and spoke to me in short sentences. She spoke with conviction and certainty. Here are some of her words I remember clearly:
"It's the hot, hot days of summer.
"I see an American Flag nearby.
"He was in another country, speaks several languages, but he's an American.
"He's a 'man's man.'
"He's just what the doctor ordered.
"He will know you instantly. And he will ask you to marry him on the first date.
"The symbol is the red rose.
"His last name begins with 'SW.'"

It was intriguing. I took the cassette tape home with me, stored it away, but managed to completely forget about the tape and Dorothy's reading during the following months.
"Hot, Hot Days of Summer..."
At the time, I was dating Randy, a young Beverly Hills attorney. Although we spent time together and he was a great person, I began to think of him more as a close friend.
Four months after Dorothy's reading, Randy asked me to attend a gathering with him on the 4th of July - friends of his were having a house party and invited couples they knew. He said we would stop by his friends' house for a little while in the afternoon, but he made reservations for us to have dinner elsewhere.
It was really hot that July 4th. The hosts' home was in the Valley - the "Valley" is an area of Los Angeles that gets really hot in the summer. We arrived at the home and the first thing we noticed was the huge American Flag in the front yard.

Fourth of July 

After introductions, Randy circulated to socialize and I sat and relaxed on a sofa in a cool area. A few minutes later, a man approached, pulled over a chair and began a conversation with me. Originally from Virginia, he had recently returned to the States from Thailand. He had been married there but his wife had died of leukemia. He came alone to the house party.
It wasn't long after he and I began to speak that Randy came bursting into the room and abruptly whisked me away for our dinner reservations. We thanked the hosts and left.
The following day, Randy called and said, "Remember the guy you were talking to yesterday? Well, he's trying to find you." The host had called Randy and asked him to find out if it would be all right for their friend to call me.
I said, "Sure. Did you get his name?" Randy replied, "Jim Swanner."
I think it was at that point that Dorothy's predictions surfaced in my memory. The last name beginning with "SW" was a trigger and too precise to ignore.
Jim called and we met for a date. He handed me a beautiful red rose. Then we drove to a Thai restaurant in the Marina (Marina del Rey). At the restaurant, the Thai waiters were utterly amazed to find an American (with a Virginia accent no less) who could speak fluent Thai. They kept bringing us more and more food and dessert beyond what we ordered. Then Jim took me to see his boat which was docked nearby. The first thing I noticed was a large beach towel with the words, "Just What the Doctor Ordered." 
That night Jim told me that I probably wouldn't understand this, but he just knew that I would be his wife.
Was he a "man's man?" Well, all I could say is that when he and I would get together with Randy, the two of them were really a hoot and kept me laughing. Jim had a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh. He loved people. He was very down to earth and yes, I think he would be considered a man's man.
Guest of Honor
One day Jim and I had an idea. We would have a party in celebration of our meeting and we would ask Dorothy Vallas to be our "guest of honor." Dorothy graciously accepted the invitation. Picture this: at our party at Jim's apartment, this mature psychic medium was sprawled out on the living room floor, propped up by her elbow, giving readings to dozens of our guests.
During the next couple of years, I ran into a few of the guests who told me that Dorothy's predictions had come true. One man told me that at the party, Dorothy had drawn a picture of "arches" and said it was related to his business. McDonald's later became one of his clients!
I know you're wondering...did I marry Jim?  Jim was a great guy. But no, I didn't marry him. Deep down I knew that he wasn't the man I would spend the rest of my life with. I had been married before, but looking back, I also believe that it was my deep-seated desire and part of my soul's journey to find success on my own and not be dependent on a man for security. I wanted to prove that I could make it on my own (think Emerson on Self-Reliance). I realize now how important that kind of independence was for my personal spiritual growth. How appropriate that I am sharing this story on Independence Day!
But it was certainly one of those special moments in time - the fact that our relationship was predicted certainly adds another dimension. It also brings up these questions: Is there really a destiny involved in our personal relationships? Are there people we are meant to be with, perhaps to learn certain lessons or help in our growth?
On the other hand, I also believe we have to be cautious with psychic predictions from others. After all, the power of suggestion is very strong. I recommend that we develop our own manifesting powers to create or be guided to our highest good. But I know that Dorothy's predictions for me were not merely suggestions that lodged in my mind - I didn't create such precise results through attraction laws. I believe her reading was truly precognitive.
And what overall lesson do you suppose we can get from this story?
Perhaps the lesson is that we must learn to develop our own intuitive resources, follow our inner guidance, learn to understand the creative laws of mind, claim our own spiritual independence...and be our own psychic. Dorothy was amazing with detail, but ultimately I chose my own path and my own guidance.
Maybe those with psychic gifts can inspire the rest of us to explore our own abilities that lie beyond the known senses. Decades ago, I decided to reach beyond the psychic "mental" realm and instead focus on developing "intuitive guidance" - information from a greater spiritual Intelligence that can direct me in life - and which I now use to mentor and direct others.

There is one thing that I know for certain. There is a great deal that we don't know.
Ready for Her Close Up
But if this story still has you intrigued with psychic phenomena, I'll take you a step further. Dorothy Vallas invited me to attend a film shoot at her home. Raymond Burr, the renowned film and television actor (remember Perry Mason?), was narrating a movie about psychic phenomena and Dorothy was going to be filmed while in trance. Dorothy amazed the guests when she appeared to contact departed relatives/friends of some of the guests and was 'spot on.'
Another amazing thing happened off the record. After the film crew shot Dorothy's segment, they wrapped it up and stopped the cameras. But Dorothy was still in trance and continued speaking. Suddenly the director of the movie yelled out, "Oh my God, that's my grandmother!" Dorothy was speaking in the voice of the director's deceased grandmother.
Last year, I found the entire film, The Amazing world of Psychic Phenomena, free to view on google, but I see it has since been removed. However, there are video clips from the film on YouTube, and I'm sure the DVD can be rented. This film is a classic for anyone interested in psychic phenomena and research.
So...have I given you something to think about this holiday week? Fun or fate?


P.S. I know some of you will wonder if Dorothy is still around and giving readings. I had several readings from her back then, but many years later she was no longer listed and I'm sure she passed on.

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