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Articles - Holidays

A Different Kind of Resurrection

by Marilyn Jenett



We know that the Easter holiday symbolizes a resurrection.

But do you realize that it also symbolizes another kind of resurrection?

In late March here in the northen hemisphere, we celebrate the Spring Equinox and welcome the first day of Spring and those in the southern hemisphere celebrate the Fall Equinox.

And on Easter Sunday, many celebrate the holiday that symbolizes resurrection.

For the purpose of this lesson on personal resurrection, this article will focus on the Spring season, but if you are reading this from the Southern hemisphere, know that when it comes to celebrating and expanding our consciousness, there is no such thing as time and space so you are very much included, and this lesson applies to you just as it does to those who are not celebrating Easter.

The Spring Equinox 
when winter comes to an end and the earth is bursting with new life. All of nature is reborn and teeming with prosperity. Isn't this also a wonderful symbolic time to resurrect dreams and desires and nurture them with prosperous and life-enhancing thoughts?

It's a time to come out of a winter's sleep and wake up to the opportunities for abundance that surround us and await our recognition and acceptance through mental and spiritual law.

We can awaken from the "dead" sleep of the conditioned mind to become anointed with our heritage, our connection to the Universe/God, and attain what is metaphysically called "Christ Consciousness."  We resurrect our awareness of our spiritual nature and open the door to the blessings of life that we deserve 
including our financial success. The word Christ comes from the Latin Christus and Greek Christos, which literally means "anointed."
This is the perfect time to resurrect our awareness of our spiritual nature and the new life that awaits us. We then become anointed with prosperity consciousness.

Begin now 
today  to resurrect those buried dreams. Dust them off. Breathe new life into them. Know that the same creative intelligence that makes a flower bloom will bring your desires to fruition if you nurture them with faith and expectation  the water and sunlight of prosperity laws.



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