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Articles - Holidays

The Meaning (and Not) of Christmas to Me

by Marilyn Jenett

Christmas - Part One

Notable Feel Free to Prosper Student

In my opinion, aside from the obvious festivities, there are many worthwhile goals that can be experienced during the holiday season. It can be a time for healing and closure, and ultimately a time to prepare for the "birth" of new ideas and new manifestations.

We can...

  • Seek greater spiritual understanding of Christmas
  • Discover how Christmas can grow our consciousness
  • Be lifted beyond the commercial aspect or remain true to higher values while dealing with the financial aspects
  • Remain centered and peaceful during the holidays
  • Overcome a feeling of sadness that affects many at this time of year
  • Have or find a place to gather and share with like-minded people if we don't have families or spend time alone for renewal if preferred
  • Receive some joy if we need it or give some joy if we have it to share

  • As my contribution toward that end, I would like to share some of my free flowing thoughts about this holiday...


    The Meaning (and Not) of Christmas to Me

    Notwithstanding that great cartoon Dianne Reum created for me above, I don't get involved with the holidays from a commercial or consumerism standpoint. Personally, I would rather give gifts and greetings at any time during the year and not because of ritual or a feeling of obligation. I'm not a scrooge at all, mind you. It's just that I believe that all of the wonderful feelings of peace, joy, love, goodwill  well, shouldn't these ideas be cultivated at all times? Isn't that a worthy goal for any time of year?
    One year, a forum member whom I had known from posts over time suddenly decided to offer his help to me in a technical area of the Internet. Why? He said it was because the holiday season brought this out in him. I really did appreciate his offer, but I don't grasp why the "season" has to be the prompt for our goodwill gestures.

    Christ Consciousness

    I do understand and respect the religious connotation of Christmas, but I prefer to concentrate on the spiritual aspect  developing the birth of a Christ Consciousness  a universal consciousness of love that encompasses all faiths and all humanity. I respect any religious path as long as it remains true to what I always believed was the common denominator of all great religions  the love of our Creator and love for our fellow man  unconditionally. I found a New Thought definition of Christ Consciousness as "The spiritual and mystical experience of the unity of all the universe. To attain cosmic consciousness is to see the universe as God and God as the universe, and everything as part of this whole."

    Christ Consciousness also includes the deepest understanding of spiritual and Universal law. The word Christ comes from the Latin "Chrīstus," and from the Greek "Khrīstos," which means "anointed," to choose by or as if by divine intervention. I believe that our understanding of spiritual law is our connection to the Divine.

    Now some of you might find my chosen path and reference to Christ Consciousness and certain scriptures interesting, since I was born and raised Jewish as a girl. The definition above refers to the unity of all the universe...everything as part of this whole. I chose this path of unity.

    Winter Solstice

    The Winter Solstice, also known as Midwinter, occurred this year on December 21st in the Northern hemisphere and marks the beginning of a hemisphere's astronomical winter. Interpretation of this event varies from culture to culture, but it is commonly recognized as a time of rebirth involving festivals, gatherings, rituals or other celebrations. Many cultures celebrate a holiday near the winter solstice; examples of these include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, Pongal, Yalda and many other festivals of light.

    Hannukah Menorah


    Have you ever wondered why Christmas and the birth of Jesus falls on December 25th?

    In the next article, Part Two of this holiday message, I will share with you the most "astronomical" and "heavenly" interpretation of this most famous of births. When I first read about this decades ago in the writings of one of the most brilliant teachers of manifestation laws, I was stunned. You'll find the link to this fascinating information at the end of this article.

    Giving, Joy and Mass Mind Thinking

    It appears to me that the commercial aspect of the holiday has overshadowed its true meaning and leaves much of the population stressed, overtaxed and overextended financially. I opt for finding my center of peace and staying right there.
    I think the holiday rituals are primarily conducive to large families and especially children and this is a wonderful opportunity to bring families together  IF we are instilling the right ideas into our children's minds and teaching them true values instead of letting the commercialism mold their characters.
    Someone asked: "What if every day was joyous, like this holiday season?"
    Why not? It's a decision.
    Outer circumstances should not affect our happiness and well-being (and joy). It all comes from within. We really can feel joyous at any time or the opposite at any time. It's really a choice.
    Statistics have shown that many people are very unhappy during the holidays. I also believe that there are many people who do not experience joy during the holiday season. They are filled with tension and stress  and I do not believe it's necessary. But most people follow the crowd like lemmings instead of listening to their own guidance.

    The kingdom of heaven is within.
    And EVERY day is a gift.

    What if people wouldn't get caught up in the commercialism and instead gave of themselves: perhaps make gifts (which can be very meaningful); buy according to their ability to buy and not spend money they don't have or spend beyond their means and incur debt? Wouldn't you think they could create more joy instead of lamenting after it's all over? How about if they focused on the real meaning of the holidays instead of getting caught up in the mass mind thinking and consumerism. What if we all stop being hypnotized by the media and instead listen to ourselves  our inner voice that knows the truth?
    How about the thought of being debt free in January? Now there's an answer to some joy.
    Years ago, I used to buy expensive gifts for my corporate clients. Then I decided to take a certain amount of money and donate it to a charity. I would send my clients cards and tell them I have donated on behalf of them. You would be surprised at how well received that gesture was.
    Another idea...If you are on a budget and you are going to give gifts, then why not buy them during the year when the sales are on. Be a practical and wise shopper and when the holidays roll around, you are all set. Smart, relaxed, debt free and generous. :-)

    Spiritual Celebration

    Christmas and New Year's is a special time of year for me, but in less common ways. It is a time for reflection and renewal. I love to use this holiday time to organize, declutter, streamline my possessions and my environment and release unnecessary elements to prepare for the "birth" of new ideas and new manifestations.
    The spiritual celebration of this holiday for me is based on the teachings of one of the greatest teachers of all time  the healer, the mystic, the metaphysician who gave us a philosophy of living based on true spiritual law (which must be interpreted correctly but more often is not) and the key to all manifestation:

    "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

    That realization is the greatest gift we could ever receive.
    The greatest gift I believe I could ever give to you  to anyone  is to help you understand this law and the ability to use it in your life.
    I hope you will accept this gift from me year round in lieu of the fanfare and ritual during the holiday season. I do however, offer my warmest blessings to you and your loved ones during this season and truly hope you will find your own center of peace  the "peace that passeth all understanding" and remain there.


    CLICK HERE to go to fascinating Part Two of this Christmas series...

    Marilyn and Star of David

    Young Marilyn wearing Star of David


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    Marilyn Jenett is a renowned prosperity mentor, speaker and Penguin Random House author. An accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, she founded the Feel Free to Prosper® program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information and her free gift, visit www.FeelFreetoProsper.com.

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